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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I log in to Disney Plus on my computer?

One possible reason why Disney Plus does not let you log in is that it detected you’re using a VPN. If you can’t log in to Disney Plus’ login page on your PC browser, start by disabling your extensions. Ad Block or uBlock Origin may sometimes prevent you from logging in. Turn off all your extensions and check if you can go in.

How do I WATCH Disney+ on my computer?

1 Sign up for Disney+ here 2 In your browser of choice (we recommend Google Chrome), navigate to 3 Enter your login credentials 4 Click Login 5 Browse or search for the show/movie you want to watch 6 Select the show or movie 7 Click Play.

What do I get with Disney+?

With Disney+, you get: • A premium ad-free experience • Access to new releases, timeless classics and past seasons of your favorite TV shows • Exclusive new Originals from the creators of Disney,...

How do I bookmark Disney Plus on my computer?

You can also Bookmark Disney Plus on your Windows PC by browsing to the Disney Plus home and pressing CTRL+D (hold CTRL and press D) in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge. On Mac devices, use Command+D.

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