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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Disney start using the new logo?

Later reissues of classic Disney movies released on DVD and Blu-ray began using this or the original 2006 variant. In 2021, the Disney logo is redesigned.

What are the Disney Channel Games?

The Disney Channel Games, also called the DC games, was a mini-series on Disney Channel that aired every Saturday night as part of their So Hot Summer programming, the year 2006 was the first time they aired the games. In 2007, the yellow team was introduced.

Is the Disney logo aligned with the surface of the planet?

The arc of the logo is aligned with the surface of the planet. The 1990 logo, but after the flash that forms the Disney logo text, the background fades to that of a jungle. After the Disney logo disappears, the camera ventures further into the jungle until the "Tarzan" title logo appears.

What happened to the 7th Flag on the Disney logo?

The line now stops when it hits the tip of the "W" in "Walt Disney". Beginning in 2002 the logo was altered slightly and having a brighter blue tint and they added the missing 7th flag. Later reissues of classic Disney movies including those released during the mid-to-late 1980s began using this.

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