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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Disneyland free under 3?

Disney World: Free for Kids Under 3. When accompanied by an adult, kids under 3 can enter any of the Disney World theme parks for free, including the two water parks. This also means they can enjoy many of the park rides and shows for free (assuming they meet any allocated height restrictions).

What games did kids play in the colonial days?

Children would also play games with props, such as bean-bag tossing or quoits. Both of these games resemble the modern day pastime of horseshoes. Colonial kids would also play common recess games such as tag, hide-and-seek, jump rope, and scotch-hopper, which today’s children call hopscotch.

What is the Disney Play app?

Play Disney Parks app, which will make its debut Saturday, allows users to play interactive games at specific locations, learn stories about the attractions, listen to Disney playlists and challenge family and friends to Disney trivia, according to a news release.

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