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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Music bot is best for discord?

Here are 379 public repositories matching this topic...SudhanPlayz / Discord-MusicBot. ...eritislami / evobotRahagia / rawon. ...galnir / Master-Botskick1234 / DisTube. ...gillesheinesch / LenoxBot. ...brblacky / lavamusicDeltaCoderr / KarmaBot. ...Khanmanan / automod-botYucked / Victoria. ...More items...

What are the best bots for discord?

The best Discord bots (and their uses)MEE6 — An all-purpose bot. Some Discord users believe MEE6 should be included on every Discord server, and it’s certainly popular—more than 16 million people use it.TacoBot — A project management bot. ...EasyPoll — A polling bot. ...Dank Memer — A meme bot. ...Hydra — A music bot. ...Epic RPG — A gaming bot. — A security bot. ...

Do any music bots work in discord?

Rythm is another nice music bot for Discord. It can play music with high quality from Twitch, SoundCloud and YouTube. And it offers a dashboard for admins to control the playing music easily. FredBoat is a free and famous Discord music bot. It also can play music from Spotify, YouTube, etc. with high quality.

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