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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program?

The Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) program provides temporary benefits to people who, as a result of a major disaster, lost or had their employment or self-employment interrupted.

How do I apply for unemployment benefits after a natural disaster?

You can use the CareerOneStop Unemployment Benefits Finder to find the state agency you need. In some states, you can file online or by phone. If you evacuated or moved to another state, file a claim in the state where the disaster occurred, or you may contact the agency in the state you’re living in for claim filing help.

Who is eligible for Disaster Unemployment Insurance?

Those eligible may also include: Individuals unable to reach their job because they must travel through the affected area and are unable to do so because of the disaster. Individuals who were to begin employment but were prevented from doing so by the disaster.

How do I apply for Dua due to Hurricane Ida in PA?

The deadline to apply for DUA benefits for the following PA counties due to Hurricane Ida has passed as of October 20, 2021. Pennsylvanians whose employment is impacted for the reasons listed above under “DUA Eligibility” should file a claim online or call the Pennsylvania Teleclaims ( PAT) at 888-255-4728.

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