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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I conduct a disaster recovery test?

Experts recommend conducting disaster recovery tests on a regular basis throughout the year and incorporating them into all planned maintenance and staff training.

How often should I Test my Disaster Recovery Plan?

It really depends on how intrusive the disaster recovery test is. If you're using VMware's Site Recovery Manager, you can test recovery plans with little impact to production systems. So, testing often, say, every 30 days, is easy. Testing more frequently than 30 days is excessive and may be draining your personnel resources.

How to test your disaster recovery plan?

How to Test your Disaster Recovery Plan Paper test: Individuals read and annotate recovery plans. Walkthrough test: Groups walk through plans to identify issues and changes. Simulation: Groups go through a simulated disaster to identify whether emergency response plans are adequate. See More....

How often to test disaster recovery plans?

How Often Should You Test? Disaster recovery plans should not be static since your organization will change and grow over time: new personnel is hired, the infrastructure changes, business processes change, or new regulations may come into play. We recommended testing your disaster recovery plan every six months.

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