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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good desktop background?

What Makes a Good Desktop Background? Characteristics of a Good Desktop Background. It's simple. ... Functional Desktop Background. This desktop background, designed by James White, has a great balance of color, inspiration, and space for folders, files and shortcuts on the sides. Dysfunctional Desktop Background. This example is horrible. ... My Latest Desktop Backgrounds. ...

How do I get different background images on my dual monitors?

Click the words "Desktop Background" at the bottom of the Personalization dialog. Now, from here, if you LEFT-click a wallpaper you're selecting that wallpaper for ALL your monitors. BUT, if you RIGHT-click on an image, you can set wallpapers individually.

Can you have 2 different desktop backgrounds?

The official way to add different backgrounds in Windows 10 is to select two images in File Explorer (meaning they both have to be in the same folder), then right-click and select “Set as desktop background”. The two images will now appear on your two monitors, with the image you right-clicked occupying your primary display.

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