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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a difference-in-differences regression model?

The Difference-In-Differences regression model (Image by Author) The first thing we note about this equation is that, it is that of a linear regression model. y_i is the observed response for the ith observation. It is the value being measured in each group before and after treatment. β_0 is the intercept of regression.

What is a difference in differences estimator?

What is a difference in differences estimator. Difference in differences (DiD) is a tool to estimate treatment effects comparing the pre- and post-treatment differences in the outcome of a treatment and a control group.

How do you calculate did in regression model?

Regression Model DID is usually implemented as an interaction term between time and treatment group dummy variables in a regression model. Y= β0 + β1*[Time] + β2*[Intervention] + β3*[Time*Intervention] + β4*[Covariates]+ε

Are regression coefficient dimensions sales or sales per unit of time?

So your regression coefficient dimensions are sales, not sales per unit of time. The expected sales in the treatment group were 54.75 units higher at each observation in the baseline period than those of the control group. Following the onset of the intervention, that difference dropped by 19.62 units to 35.13 at each observation.

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