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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a devil ray?

Devil rays in the genus Mobulaare slow growing, late to mature, long-lived, large-bodied fish with highly fragmented populations. The distinguishing physical characteristic of these species, from which they get the name devil ray, is the shape of the cephalic fins which look like horns projecting from their heads when rolled up.

Where do Devil Rays Live?

Most observations and landings are within coastal waters. They live in the open water, ranging in depth from less than 100 feet to several thousand feet, and feed on plankton, filtering these tiny organisms out of the water as they swim. Threats Among the threats to devil rays are:

Should the devil ray be added to the CITES Appendix 2?

The sicklefin and spinetail devil rays are proposed for inclusion in CITES Appendix II due to threats posed by increasing international trade in gill plates. The other seven species are proposed for inclusion due to their similarity of appearance to these two species.

Why are Devil Rays vulnerable to overharvest?

An important biological factor that makes devil rays vulnerable to overharvest is that they produce only one young each pregnancy. Females develop and hatch eggs inside their body before giving birth to a single pup after an extended gestation of approximately one year. This is followed by a prolonged period prior to another breeding cycle.

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