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Frequently Asked Questions

Is stubble considered "a beard"?

Stubble is what's left if you trim off a beard but don't shave, in pretty much the same way short stalks remain when a field of wheat say, has been cut! Conversely, a man's stubble can also be the hair that grows back on his face after he has clean shaven, but before it has grown long enough to be called a beard.

Is gray stubble attractive?

Our office poll confirms that stubble is generally attractive. Not all women like grey stubble but some do like the more mature looking gent! Tags: stubble, gent, women.

What is beard stubble?

Beard stubble often appears as a dark patch during the late afternoon or early evening hours, which is why many people also call it a "five o'clock shadow.". A man who prefers a clean-shaven appearance often views beard stubble as an unwanted development, while another may see it as the first signs of full beard growth.

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