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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I uninstall Dell Support Assist?

To uninstall Dell Support Assist, please follow these steps: Open Programs and Features by clicking Start>Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features. Select the Support Assist program, and select Uninstall.

Is Dell Support Assist free?

SupportAssist is a free tool that Dell installs on PCs to help keep them up-to-date, but it isn't essential. You can always go to the Support page for your specific model and look for updated drivers etc, based on the version numbers (not the dates) when compared to the drivers currently installed on the system.

What does Dell support assistance do?

Dell Support Center is a control panel for system tools and diagnostics. It contains extensive help sections for online tools, warranty information, Dell technical support links and Dell customer support channels. Access all system controls like Device Manager, Network Connections, etc. from a single location.

How do you install Dell system detect?

Here you can enter your Service Tag, which is found at the bottom of the laptop, browse for a specific product or auto-detect your product by installing the Dell System Detect. Click on the Detect Product button to install Dell System Detect. Once you do this, the tool will download and install itself on your computer.

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