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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the specs of a Dell Precision m6500 laptop?

LAPTOP: Dell Precision M6500 -CPU: Intel Core i7 920xm (4c,[email protected],turbo 3.2ghz) -RAM: 12gb DDR3 -GPU: ATi Firepro M7820 -STORAGE: 240gb ADATA Premier SP550 (OS, Programs), 500GB Seagate STL500LM000 SSHD (Games, Files) -DISPLAY: 1920x1200 17.3” -OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 Pro x64

Is the Dell m6500 Extreme Edition i7-940xm a beast?

I have a M6500 Dell Precision with an extreme edition i7- 940XM. The thing is a beast I upgraded to 2 SSDs in it and 16GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 at 1600mhz. Now I did did some modifying, swapped out the heatsink fan for more airflow for a more powerful fan for both the graphics card and the CPU.

How many memory connectors does the m6500 support?

Here is a quote from the "Precision M6500 Setup and Features Information Tech Sheet" Intel Core i7-620 M support only two memory connectors." You would need to swap the entire motherboard to one that has 4 RAM slots. Also, it looks like you already have the fastest GPU for that system.

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