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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of delirium?

Some common symptoms of delirium are outlined below. A person with delirium might find it difficult to focus their attention. They might have trouble answering questions or shifting topics, or they might get distracted easily. Delirium can affect how responsive a person is to their environment.

What is the difference between delirium and dementia?

Delirium and dementia (which includes conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease) have some similarities, but they are not the same. Delirium mostly affects a person’s attention. Dementia affects memory. Delirium is a temporary state that begins suddenly. Dementia is chronic (long-term) confusion that usually begins gradually and worsens over time.

How is delirium diagnosed?

A health care provider can diagnose delirium based on medical history and tests of mental status. The provider also will consider factors that may have caused the disorder. An exam may include: Medical history. The provider will ask what changed in the last few days.

How is delirium treated?

Delirium is treated first by addressing the medical problem (s) that have caused it. For example, if the person has low blood oxygen or low blood sugar levels these will be corrected quickly. If the person has an infection they may be given antibiotics. If they are in pain, constipated or not passing urine then these will be treated.

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