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Frequently Asked Questions

What is delirium and what causes it?

Delirium occurs when the normal sending and receiving of signals in the brain become impaired. This impairment is most likely caused by a combination of factors that make the brain vulnerable and trigger a malfunction in brain activity.

What is the most common cause of delirium?

Common causes of delirium include alcohol or drug withdrawal; certain medications; stroke; fever; malnutrition; infection (including urinary tract infections, sepsis, pneumonia, or the flu ...

Can delirium be cured?

While serious, delirium is reversible through a combination of medication, supportive care, and treatment of underlying conditions. Though delirium can be “cured”, delirium can last anywhere from hours to weeks to even months [1]. How is delirium treated in the elderly? Delirium can be treated with both non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic therapy.

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