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Frequently Asked Questions

What is degreeworks and how do I use it?

With DegreeWorks, you’ll be able to schedule your semesters with the ideal study/life balance and still graduate on time! You can access DegreeWorks anytime on ASAP or myUTSA. DegreeWorks can be found on ASAP under the Student Services tab and then by clicking on Student Records.

What is the degreeworks degree evaluation tool in Leo?

The DegreeWorks degree evaluation tool in LEO Online is designed to assist advisors and students with course planning, measuring progress toward program completion, and curriculum advising.

How do I access degreeworks from the ODU portal?

Log in to the ODU Portal: Click DegreeWorks on the right sidebar (this will open a new window) If you use a pop-up blocker you should add * to the Pop-up Blocker exceptions list in your pop-up blocker settings menu DegreeWorks will open in a new window.

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