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Frequently Asked Questions

What is degreeworks used for?

DegreeWorks compares the student's academic history with the degree requirements outlined in the College catalog. It is used to track your academic progress toward a degree, review the requirements completed and plan for courses needed to complete the remaining requirements. What are the benefits of using DegreeWorks?

What is degreedegree works?

Degree Works is a web-based advising tool and degree audit program. It allows a student and faculty advisor to view up-to-date information about a student’s progress towards graduation. The student and advisor can see which major, minor, specialization, and general education requirements have already been fulfilled...

How do I access my degreeworks account?

DegreeWorks can be accessed through AppalNet, or by going directly to the DegreeWorks Login page. If you are having a DegreeWorks issue please provide specific details via email to [email protected] If you have a question about transfer coursework and DegreeWorks, please email Transfer Admissions & Engagement at [email protected]

What does the symbol @ mean in degree works?

The symbol @ is used within Degree Works in multiple ways to represent any course number or prefix. 3 credits in BIOL @ means you can take 3 credits in anything Biology. @ @ with ATTRIBUTE=GE10 means you can take any course with a Basic Communication Designation. @ 300:499 means you can take any course at a 300 or higher level.

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