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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert a degree symbol in Cricut Design Space?

Repeat the same steps as above to import the degree symbol in Cricut Design Space. Click on the copy icon and then use your keyboard shortcuts to insert it into a textbox in CDS (make sure Arial is selected on your drop-down font menu!) You can also find an accent in the Arial font.

What is the symbol for degree sign?

Symbol. °. Symbol Name. Degree sign. Windows Alt Code. ALT 248 or ALT 0176. Windows Alt X Code. 00B0 ALT X. Mac Option Key Shortcut.

What are special font characters in Cricut Design Space?

Learn how to open special font characters in Cricut Design Space, also known as glyphs, dingbats, ornaments, swirls, curls and font extras. Dingbat fonts are fonts that are made of special characters named glyphs or alternates.

How to add accent to Cricut Design Space?

Now go back into Cricut Design Space and insert a new text box. Make sure the same font is selected from the drop-down menu. Use your keyboard shortcuts to paste the accented letter (Ctrl+V). Adding a degree symbol to Cricut Design Space is another thing that gets people scratching their head!

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