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Frequently Asked Questions

What should HR know about retaliation in the workplace?

HR should be trained to recognize situations when retaliation is likely and take swift action to prevent it, such as separating supervisors and subordinates when the situation calls for it, or ...

What are some examples of retaliation in the workplace?

Some examples of retaliation would be a termination or failure to hire, a demotion, a decrease in pay, a decrease in the number of hours that you’ve worked. The cause will be obvious things such as a reprimand, a warning or lowering of your evaluation scores.

How do I prove retaliation in the workplace?

How Do I Prove Retaliation in the Workplace? To prove that you have been retaliated against, you must first establish your claim for discrimination. This will likely include demonstrating that the employer treated you differently because of your protected status, as well as that the employer acted deliberately.

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