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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fellow mean in the medical field?

In the context of medical education in North America, a fellow is a physician who is undergoing a supervised, sub-specialty medical training (fellowship) after having completed a specialty training program (residency). In education and academia there are several kinds of fellowships, awarded for different reasons.

How much does a medical fellow get paid?

Do you get paid during a fellowship? Yes, you do. Medical fellows and residents earn a median salary of $58,305 a year, depending on how many years it has been since they earned a medical degree. The Difference between Residency and Fellowship.

What is a fellowship and why pursue one?

When individuals use the term “fellowship” in an academic setting, they are typically referring to a monetary reward granted to a scholar to assist him or her in paying for his or her academic studies. A fellowship is often a merit-based scholarship that allows students to pursue additional studies in a particular academic field.

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