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Frequently Asked Questions

What is duty to warn and duty to protect?

Duty to warn and duty to protect have implications for social work practitioners in the fields of mental health, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and medical social work. There are also serious implications for malpractice and unethical behavior. What began as a mental health issue has been expanded to other fields of social work practice.

When is a duty to warn discharged?

The duty is discharged if the treating professional makes a reasonable effort to communicate the threat to the potential victim or victims and to notify law enforcement authorities in the vicinity of the patient's or potential victim's residence. Also provides for immunity for disclosure. No Duty to Warn/Protect; Confidentiality Enforced. Md. [Cts.

When is it a duty to warn of violent behavior?

The duty to predict, warn of, or take reasonable precautions to provide protection from, violent behavior arises only when a client or other person has communicated to the licensee a specific, serious threat of physical violence against a specific, clearly identified or identifiable potential victim.

Do mental health professionals have a duty to warn?

No duty to warn (minority of states) In a “mandatory” duty to warn state, mental health professionals must warn potential victims (and in some states, law enforcement) of threats made by a patient, when all three of the following conditions are met: A specific threat of physical harm is made.

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