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Frequently Asked Questions

What triggers the default submit button in HTML?

Hitting the enter key triggers the default form submission is behavior as expected, even when other non-default values are present and precede the default submit button in the DOM. Bonus for mouse/keyboard interaction with explicit user inputs while avoiding JavaScript handlers.

How to submit FORM data to form handler?

The Submit Button. <input type="submit"> defines a button for submitting the form data to a form-handler. The form-handler is typically a server page with a script for processing input data.

What is the default method when submitting Form data?

The default method when submitting form data is GET. However, when GET is used, the submitted form data will be visible in the page address field:

How do I know if a form submission has been successful?

If you submit the form via JavaScript (i.e., formElement.submit () or anything equivalent), then none of the submit buttons are considered successful and none of their values are included in the submitted data.

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