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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the copay count toward your deductible?

Whether or not your copays count toward your deductible depends on how your health plan has structured its cost-sharing requirements. Most plans do not count your copays toward your health insurance deductible. However, your plan might.

What does 10 percent co-insurance after deductible mean?

When you policy has coinsurance, it means you may still be liable to pay even after meeting your deductible. Coinsurance of 10 percent may seem like a small cost, but if you need care for serious medical problems like cancer, it could still amount to thousands of dollars. The best advice is to shop around and check out all the available options.

Can a co-pay be tax deductible?

Copays you pay for your spouse or dependents also qualify. If you are later reimbursed for your copay, you can't claim that cost as a tax deduction.

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