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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at decathlon?

One new focus is the Van Rysel brand of high-end apparel, bikes, shoes and helmets, launched earlier this year with higher price points. Decathlon believes markets are increasingly "niching" into smaller and smaller segments and that it must adopt its products and marketing to this new reality.

Does decathlon sell triathlon bikes?

Noteworthy was a storewide focus on triathlon, which Decathlon believes is underserved in U.S. retailers. The store doesn't yet carry triathlon bikes but its house brand tri-bars, wetsuits, shoes and apparel are specifically targeted at multisport.

Is decathlon leaving the US?

However, the closures do not mean the company is leaving the US. Instead, it will focus on online sales, making around 100,000 products available. Decathlon made its first attempt to establish itself in the US more than 20 years ago, with plans to expand to 200 outlets by 2009. Seven years later it had pulled all investment from the US market.

What did decathlon learn?

Decathlon’s key learnings were that there was a real demand for products at affordable prices, that making sports like fishing more accessible had never been more relevant and that a mobile, cashless checkout system would prove popular with customers. That strategy has clearly failed and Decathlon is turning to a new one.

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