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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is decathlon in America?

And today, America gets its first look at the French brand’s full retail experience. Debuting to the public in Emeryville, Calif., Decathlon opens its doors today on a 47,000-square-foot store. It marks the first full-fledged Decathlon location in the U.S. after the brand test launched a smaller “Lab Store” in nearby San Francisco last year.

Is decathlon a Walmart?

This menagerie of low-cost sporting goods is typical of all Decathlon stores. And you’d be forgiven for thinking it means the French retailer peddled cheap, poorly made wares. But there’s more to the story. Decathlon is less like a Walmart and more like an Aldi grocery store.

Where can I buy Decathlon products in India?

In India, Decathlon products may be purchased directly through their stores, subsequent to change in India's FDI policy and approval for Decathlon in February 2013. [18] In addition to this, Decathlon products are also available online through their online resellers. [citation needed]

What happened to the Decathlon stores in San Francisco and Emeryville?

Four years after the opening of its first store in San Francisco, the Decathlon stores in San Francisco and Emeryville will soon close their doors. They employ about thirty people.

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