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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my game not syncing to steam cloud?

However, if you are getting the error on some games like Lost Ark and Destiny 2, it should be noted that they do not support Steam Cloud. Once done making the changes, restart the app and check if the issue persists. 3. Retry syncing for individual games

What is steam cloud status?

The cloud status is a feature that was recently added to Steam. It is shown next to each game, showing the quality of the Cloud saves of the game. However, it only shows on games that support the Steam Cloud feature. How do I fix the Steam Cloud error? 1. Restart Steam

Why did steam not save my progress in steam cloud?

Perhaps steam didnt save my progress in steam cloud?? It’s alright, and its rather just a bug with their game and when valve had done some changes to their system which is why the game is with this issue when using Steam’s cloud saving. Sorry for before, was quite salty seeing my saves were deleted.

Why does my deck think the cloud is out of date?

The pattern I've noticed is that it occurs when shaders update on the deck for games. My best guess is that for some reason that changes the 'last played' date for the game so that it thinks the cloud is out of date.

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