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Frequently Asked Questions

Will DayZ standalone be released on Steam?

The standalone version of DayZ is now available on Steam early access for $29.99. Developer Bohemia Interactive warns that this alpha version of the game, which runs on Windows only, is very much a...

Is Dayz still popular?

Vanilla mod is still pretty popular,which you can just launch from steam by getting the arma 2 dayz mod,some vanilla mod servers won't load from dayz launcher. Dayz Overpoch/epoch is the most popular mod atm,Plently of full servers every night Dayz Origins still has a following and is coming back with a couple of full pop servers pretty often.

How much does Dayz cost PC?

Rent your own DayZ standalone server for PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting from $4.90 per month. We offer dedicated server hosting locations worldwide to ensure you the best DayZ server hosting speed and ping. Here’s a brief overview of the features we offer:

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