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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app for Dayforce learning?

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Take learning everywhere you go. Dayforce Learning puts you in the driver’s seat with an engaging, intuitive mobile experience to take courses, participate in learning activities and reach milestones all from your mobile device.

What are the benefits of using Dayforce?

As an employee, being able to access work-related tasks quickly is critical, so you can focus on your job. From checking your schedule, to requesting pay instantly, to setting performance goals, Dayforce lets you manage these tasks from your mobile device. For managers, supporting your team is a top priority.

Why choose Dayforce enterprise HCM software?

Dayforce enterprise HCM software combines payroll, HR, benefits, talent and workforce management in a single cloud application to power the future of work. Make learning an interactive, engaging experience that becomes part of employees' daily routines. Employees can take a self-directed approach to learning, deciding what, when and how they learn.

What is MyPath for Dayforce?

MyPath. Empower your users with self-directed and continued learning. MyPath provides elearning courses, interactive online help, and training guides to help with continue training for existing and new Dayforce users.

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