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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Datadog synthetics?

Datadog Synthetics uses simulated user requests and browser rendering to help you ensure uptime, identify regional issues, and track your application performance. Datadog Synthetics tests come in two different flavors, API tests and browser tests. You can use Datadog’s API to manage both test types programmatically.

How do I create an API test in Datadog?

In the Datadog site, hover over UX Monitoring and select Synthetic Tests. Click New Test > New API test. Select the HTTP request type. Add the URL of the endpoint you want to monitor.

What are synthetic API tests and browser tests?

Datadog Synthetic API tests and browser tests help you proactively identify issues in application endpoints and key business workflows (e.g., signing up for a new account) before your end users encounter them. Synthetic API tests generate active requests to your web properties or application endpoints at periodic, configurable intervals.

What can Datadog do for You?

By unifying Synthetic Monitoring with the rest of your metrics, traces, and logs, Datadog allows you to observe how all your systems are performing as experienced by your users.

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