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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Datadog logging platform?

Whether you’re growing your DevOps team or your log volumes, Datadog’s logging platform makes it easy for you to centrally manage and get the most value from all your logs. Get started quickly and scale up confidently. Collect and send logs to the Datadog platform via the agent, log shippers, or API endpoint

What size of log should I send to Datadog?

Any log exceeding 1MB is accepted and truncated by Datadog: For a single log request, the API truncates the log at 1MB and returns a 2xx. For a multi-logs request, the API processes all logs, truncates only logs larger than 1MB, and returns a 2xx. Datadog recommends sending your logs compressed.

Can I use LogLog collection with Datadog Us3?

Log collection is not supported for the Datadog US3 site. For more information, contact Support . Choose a configuration option below to begin ingesting your logs. If you are already using a log-shipper daemon, refer to the dedicated documentation for Rsyslog, Syslog-ng, NXlog, FluentD, or Logstash.

How do I know if the Datadog agent is collecting logs?

The Datadog Agent only collects logs that have been written after it has started trying to collect them (whether it be tailing or listening for them). In order to confirm whether log collection has been successfully set up, make sure that new logs have been written.

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