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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new with Datadog APM?

Last year, Datadog released application performance monitoring (APM) and distributed tracing to provide full-stack visibility, all the way down to the code level. Today we’re excited to announce that Datadog APM now includes support for Java, in addition to ongoing support for Ruby, Python, and Go applications.

What's new in Datadog's Java client?

As of version 0.29.0, Datadog’s Java client will automatically collect JVM runtime metrics so you can get deeper context around your Java traces and application performance data. This release also includes Datadog’s JMXFetch integration, which enables JMX metric collection locally in the JVM—without opening a JMX remote connection.

What can Datadog do for You?

As Datadog continues to enhance its log processing and management capabilities, you’ll gain even more insights into your applications by seamlessly transitioning between your Java logs, distributed request traces, and metrics.

How do I deploy APM to a server?

APM can be deployed in minutes—simply install the Datadog Agent and the Java client on your application servers. Alternatively, you can deploy Datadog APM in Docker with our docker-dd-agent image. APM includes built-in support for OpenTracing, the vendor-neutral, open standard for distributed tracing.

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