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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Datadog Application Performance Management (APM)?

Datadog APM provides you with deep insight into your application’s performance-from automatically generated dashboards monitoring key metrics, such as request volume and latency, to detailed traces of individual requests-side by side with your logs and infrastructure monitoring. Datadog APM is offered as an upgrade to the Pro and Enterprise plans.

What is Datadog Docs?

Welcome to Datadog Docs! Datadog lets you collect all these metrics, events, and service states in one place. Then, visualize and correlate the data with beautiful graphs, and set flexible alerting conditions on it-all without running any storage or monitoring infrastructure yourself.

What can I do with a Datadog agent?

Agent: Send metrics and events from your hosts to Datadog. Integrations: Learn how to collect metrics, traces, and logs with Datadog integrations. Dashboards: Create, share, and maintain dashboards that answer the work questions that matter to you.

How do I access the Datadog platform programmatically?

Use the Datadog API to access the Datadog platform programmatically. Authenticate to the API with an API key, and depending on the endpoint, an Application key. Using the API is a guide to the endpoints.

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