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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Datadog API?

The Datadog API is an HTTP REST API. The API uses resource-oriented URLs to call the API, uses status codes to indicate the success or failure of requests, returns JSON from all requests, and uses standard HTTP response codes. Use the Datadog API to access the Datadog platform programmatically.

How do I remove a Datadog API key or client token?

To remove a Datadog API key or client token, navigate to the list of keys or tokens, and click the trash can icon with Revoke next to the key or token you want to remove. To add a Datadog application key, navigate to Organization Settings > Application Keys. If you have the permission to create application keys, click New Key.

How do I send integrations data to Datadog?

Use the API to begin to send integrations data to Datadog. With some additional setup of the Agent, you can also use the API to send Synthetic test data, Logs, and Traces to Datadog. Use these endpoints to post and fetch data to and from other parts of the Datadog platform:

How do I disable resource limitations for the Datadog agent?

If you want your orchestrator (or an external service) to manage resource limitations for the Datadog Agent, Datadog recommends disabling this by setting the environment variable DD_APM_MAX_CPU_PERCENT to 0 (supported since Datadog Agent 7.23.0).

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