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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data warehouse governance?

Data warehouse governance From the inception of the warehouse project, the data warehouse governance structure has played a key role in the CDW's ability to meet business needs and to adapt to organizational change. This is due to the cross-functional, multi-level nature of the governance structure that supports the data warehousing effort.

How do you build a data governance strategy?

Think with the big picture in mind, but start small Data governance is a combination of people, process, and technology. To begin building the big picture, start with the people, then build your processes, and finally incorporate your technology.

What is a good data governance program?

The program must introduce and support standardization of enterprise data. Programs must support proactive and reactive change management activities for reference data values and the structure/use of master data and metadata. For more on doing data governance right, see “ 6 best practices for good data governance .”

What are the principles of data governance and stewardship?

According to the Data Governance Institute, eight principles are at the center of all successful data governance and stewardship programs: All participants must have integrity in their dealings with each other. They must be truthful and forthcoming in discussing the drivers, constraints, options, and impacts for data-related decisions.

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