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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you implement a data governance strategy?

To provide effective data governance we need a full view of all data assets. We need to know where the assets exist, who is accessing them, and how users are interacting with the data. This visibility is needed for managing fragmentation, sprawl, and redundant or outdated copies of data assets that can exist across multiple platforms.

What are the benefits of data governance?

The most notable benefits of data governance include providing improved data quality, lower data management costs, increased access to needed data across the organization, lower risks of errors being introduced, and ensuring that clear rules regarding access to data are both set, enforced, and adhered to.

What is data governance?

Data governance manages the availability, integrity, security, and usability of all data residing in enterprise systems. Data governance should not be confused with data management. Data management entails overseeing an organization’s entire data lifecycle needs.

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