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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between data governance and data management?

One of the major differences between these two business functions is that data governance is a strategy, while data management is a practice. This means that in addition to creating a comprehensive data governance framework for the organization, business leaders must determine what data management practices they will use to meet their goals.

What does a data scientist need to know about data governance?

What Every Data Scientist Needs to Know about Data Governance recommends that regardless of individual role within an enterprise, the data expert will be familiar with the basic minimum etiquette of handling the data assets. First Point of Intersection between Data Science and Data Governance: Big Data Comes to the Rescue

What is the future of data governance?

The Future of Data Governance: Balancing Data Governance and Data Management takes a look far ahead when citizen business users will be empowered to make important decisions, backed by superiorly governed technology. That day is just around the corner.

What is the difference between data management and data science?

The shift in the business perception of data has now catapulted Data Management into new heights. Data Science is a core component of Data Management now, but Data Management and Data Science are often seen as two different activities.

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