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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between data governance and data management?

It is key to understand that governance is part of the overall management of data. Data governance without execution is just documentation. Data governance puts all of the policies and procedures in place, and data management executes all of these pieces to compile and use the data for decision-making.

What is Dama's definition of data governance?

The DAMA Dictionary of Data Management defines Data Governance as ‘The exercise of authority, control and shared decision making (planning, monitoring and enforcement) over the management of data assets.’ DAMA has identified 10 major functions of Data Management in the DAMA-DMBOK (Data Management Body of Knowledge).

Is data governance failing?

SAS, a global leader in analytics, defined the major way data governance fails in many organizations. Some businesses view data governance as the primary way to organize data management projects and priorities.

What is a good data governance program?

The program must introduce and support standardization of enterprise data. Programs must support proactive and reactive change management activities for reference data values and the structure/use of master data and metadata. For more on doing data governance right, see “ 6 best practices for good data governance .”

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