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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dante Inferno based on a true story?

Inferno by Dante film is the first slate of the trilogy based on the true story of Dante Alighieri's masterpiece trilogy - The Divine Comedy Gotimna Pictures, LLC and Dante Coin present Inferno by Dante - a film produced and directed by Boris Acosta.

Was Dante's Inferno a true story?

And even though Inferno isn't a true story , that doesn't mean that there isn't some truth to the tale. The plot of the film revolves around the potential release of a virus, called Inferno, which could wipe out half the world's population.

What symbolic meaning does Dante represent in the Inferno?

What symbolic meaning does the character Dante most likely represent in the inferno. Dante as a character is an allegory of the Christian quest for finding god, that is, God's love. He as a character is designed to represent the common man and anyone can feel for him.

What are the main ideas in Dante's Inferno?

Sin, Justice, Pity and Piety. As it narrates a journey through hell, Dante's Inferno is essentially a tour of all kinds of different punishments for different sins. Paganism vs. Christianity. Dante's epic poem is obviously a deeply Christian work. ... This World vs. the Afterlife. ...

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