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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dante in Devil May Cry?

Named after the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, the character was designed to fit Devil May Cry game designer Hideki Kamiya's vision of a "cool and stylish" man; his personality was based on the title character of the Cobra manga series.

What is Dante Alighieri most famous work?

Dante Alighieri. Philosopher, Scholar, Poet (c. 1265–c. 1321) Dante Alighieri was a famous Italian poet , philosopher and scholar. His best known work is an epic poem name” The Divine Comedy”. This is famous as the best work in Italian and Dante is famous as “the Father of the Italian language”.

What does Dante mean by a shade?

In the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, many of the dead are similarly referred to as shades (Italian ombra), including Dante's guide, Virgil. The phrase "peace to thy gentle shade [and endless rest]" is sometimes seen in epitaphs, and was used by Alexander Pope in his epitaph for Nicholas Rowe.

How does Dante describe Purgatory?

As Dante explains in the opening lines of the canticle, Purgatory is the place in which "the human spirit purges himself, and climbing to Heaven makes himself worthy.". Dante's Purgatory consists of an island mountain, the only piece of land in the southern hemisphere.

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