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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dadaewoo K1A1?

Daewoo K1A1: A Hybrid AR-15 and AR-18. During and after the Korean War, the South Korean military was armed with American weapons – M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, M3/M3A1 Grease Guns, and so on. In the 1970s they wanted to modernize their equipment, and looked to the US.

Who makes the K1A K1?

Daewoo Precision Industries K1. The Daewoo Precision Industries K1/K1A is a South Korean carbine assault rifle, the first modern firearm developed by Agency for Defense Development (ADD) and manufactured by Daewoo Precision Industries, and entered service in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces in 1981.

When did the K1 submachine gun come out in Korea?

It entered service in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces in 1981. Although the K1 uses.223 Remington, it is classified as a submachine gun by the South Korean military and the manufacturer, because the K1 was intended to replace the M3 submachine gun.

What is the difference between k1 and K2 submachine guns?

Most of the time, K1 submachine gun is regarded as a shortened or carbine version of Daewoo Precision Industries K2 assault rifle. However, although the two guns share development history they are very different from each other for the following reasons: The development of K1 was completed earlier than that of K2.

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