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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Daewoo DP51 a good pistol?

Overall, the DP51 is a solid duty grade pistol. There are tons of guns available that will probably serve you better, but Daewoo definitely put out a winner here. I won’t be abandoning my G19 or P-07 any time soon, but the DP51 makes for an effective, quirky, and unusual, sidearm. The Mosin Crate was excellent to work with.

What is the K14 in Warzone?

The K14 is a South Korean Sniper Rifle. It is unlocked at rank 138, or it can be purchased with credits . Before the existence of the K14, the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) hadn't adopted a sniper's rifle. On occasion, M1 Garands or scoped K2 rifles were issued as designated marksman's rifles, but this was uncommon.

What's new in the K14?

S&T Motiv is introducing new features to the K14, including detachable side rails and Korean-made optics, which would replace the Schmidt & Bender PM optics on current versions. Hanwha Systems developed a multifunctional observation device that is part of the K14 package.

What is the ROK Army's K14?

The XK14 was in development for two years and underwent a one-year evaluation by the ROK military. After passing tests and certification, the rifle was accepted into service in December 2012 as the ROK Army's first general-issue sniper rifle and officially designated as the K14.

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