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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a prototype of the Daewoo K2 handguard?

MITS Precision also made a prototype Daewoo M-LOK handguard for the Daewoo K2. Since they are changing the design and obviously going with the K1 for the South Korean Army my friend at MITS Precision gave me the prototype for my DR200 (semi-auto version of the K2).

Is the Daewoo K1 an AR?

The Daewoo K1, although loosely similar to an AR, seems to be modified to more closely resemble the AR weapon platform. You can see they have opted out the wire collapsible stock for a traditional AR style buffer tube and stock. The Daewoo K1 has built in iron sights but the military has upgraded these with optic rails and a rail system handguard.

How tall is the Korean Army handguard?

The current handguard, seen above, has a section between the front sight and top rail that lacks any rail. By having a uniform top rail it is more like a SCAR or HK416 height. According to my contact at MITS Precision, they will be making nearly 3,800 handguards for the Korean Army.

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