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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact CVS Caremark for prior authorization?

Contact CVS Caremark Prior Authorization Department Medicare Part D. Phone: 1-855-344-0930; Fax: 1-855-633-7673; If you wish to request a Medicare Part Determination (Prior Authorization or Exception request), please see your plan’s website for the appropriate form and instructions on how to submit your request. Medicaid. Phone: 1-877-433-7643

How do I get a drug authorization form from CVS?

If you would like to view forms for a specific drug, visit the CVS/Caremark webpage, linked below. Fax: 1 (888) 836- 0730. Phone: 1 (800) 294-5979. California Prior Authorization Form. Specific Drug Forms.

What is the best way to track prior authorization requests?

CVS Caremark’s Preferred Method for Prior Authorization Requests CoverMyMeds is the fastest and easiest way to review, complete and track PA requests. Our electronic prior authorization (ePA) solution is HIPAA-compliant and available for all plans and all medications at no cost to providers and their staff.

What are CVS Caremark's PA criteria?

Our PA criteria are: based on the latest FDA-approved product labeling, uses listed in authorized compendia supported by an adequate level of clinical evidence, national guidelines and peer-reviewed literature published in scientific journals where the drug is recommended as safe and effective internally reviewed by one CVS Caremark physician

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