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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 21453 CVC?

Vehicle Code 21453 CVC – Running a Red Light Shouse Law Group» Criminal Defense» Vehicle Code» 21453 CVC - Running A Red Light Vehicle Code 21453 CVC is the California law that defines “red light” traffic violations. This section provides that you: must stop at red lights;

What is California Vehicle Code 21453?

California Vehicle Code 21453 regulates red light violations. According to VC 21453, drivers: Can turn left on a circular red light if on a one-way road and turning onto another When approaching a red light, drivers must stop before reaching a marked limit line, crosswalk, or the approaching intersection.

What happens if I violate VC 21453(a)?

A violation of this code section typically results in two things. The violator will receive: One point on his driving record. As with persons accused of violating Vehicle Code 22450 VC, a person accused of violating VC 21453 (a) may contest the accusations by raising a legal defense.

What is a VC 21461(a) ticket?

The officer can charge it as VC 21461 (a), failure to obey a sign, which is a general catch-all that can be used for many illegal maneuvers. The officer can also write the ticket for a violation of VC 21453 (b), which deals specifically with right hand turns on a red.

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