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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Curly Howard married?

Curly Howard. On June 7, 1937, he married Elaine Ackerman. In 1938, Elaine gave birth to Curly’s first child, a daughter, Marilyn. Elaine and Curly divorced on July 11, 1940, after only 3 years of marriage. On October 17, 1945, Curly married Marion Buxbaum. After a miserable three months of arguments and accusations,...

What happened to Curly Howard?

The Stooges decided to go out on their own, and they grew to be one of the most popular film comedy teams in Hollywood. Curly Howard suffered a stroke in 1946 that forced him to retire, and he died six years later. He was replaced in 1946 by Shemp Howard, who was with the Stooges until 1955, when he died.

Is Curly Howard dead?

Curly Howard. Dead. Born: 10/22/1903 in New York City, New York, USA. Died: 1/18/1952. Age: 48. Cause of death: stroke. Full name: Jermoe Lester Horwitz. Noted For: actor, The Three Stooges (1934-47).

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