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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose curlsmith?

At Curlsmith we are committed to performance – all our products are tested by a panel of curl experts of all curl types to ensure they deliver the results you dream of. Not sure where to start? We've put together all the key info you need to start your healthy hair journey!

Are all curls the same?

No two curls are the same, so we've built a clever questionnaire that will assess your specific hair needs and recommend a personalized routine to achieve your hair goals. What's your biggest hair concern?

What are the different types of Curl products?

Choose between Double Cream, Bond Curl or Hydro Creme! Discover our luxury kits and stocking stuffers for any curly need! Discover our selection of creams, gels and foams to achieve any look you want.

Does curlmixer offer free shipping?

Your order qualifies for free shipping FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS What kind of CurlMixer are you? (TEST) Let our beauty experts help you find the perfect mix for your curls.

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