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Frequently Asked Questions

How to curl hair with a chi flat iron?

Section your hair using clips to make it easier to curl individual strands. Take an inch-wide strand of hair and place it between the CHI flat iron about an inch or two down from the root of your hair. Press down firmly on the hair with the flat iron. Slowly slide the CHI flat iron down until you reach halfway down the strand.

What is the Chi air Spin n' Curl?

Enter the Chi Air Spin N’ Curl —a rotating, self-curling iron that basically curls your hair automatically. Seriously. (It just happens to be $46 off on Black Friday, JSYK.)

Why choose Chi curling irons and wands?

CHI Curling Irons and Wands have been designed to create luscious curls, and waves with titanium-infused ceramic plate technology. Digital temperature control for quick set up, and new slim non-slip handles.

Why choose Chi Hair Care?

CHI Hair Care provides the beauty industry with the latest innovations to a wide-range of markets through multiple successful product lines. Paired with the finest educational support to better serve hairdressers and their clients.

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