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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my cunyfirst account?

Note that has already been entered in the Username field for you. Simply type your CUNYfirst username. UsernamePlease make sure to enter a valid username (CUNYfirst Username) followed by make sure to enter a Password. Log in

How do I Remember my BMCC portal and cunyfirst accounts?

It is important to remember your BMCC Portal and CUNYfirst accounts and their purpose. Below are tips to remember your accounts and what they do for you as a student. BMCC and CUNY students should navigate to the BMCC home page and select the “Log In” drop-down to access CUNYfirst.

How do I know if my CUNY application was received?

Use CUNY’s tracking tool, CUNYfirst, to review details of your application, see if your transcripts were received, and look out for that admissions decision. After you submit your online application, CUNY will email you with instructions for creating or “claiming” a CUNYfirst account.

When will my course appear in CUNY blackboard?

Courses appear in Blackboard 24 – 48 hours after enrollment or assignment in CUNYfirst. CUNY CIS upgrades Blackboard annually at the end of December. The Fall 2020 Blackboard upgrade is scheduled to begin on Sunday, December 27th at 12:30 am and is expected to be completed by the close of business on Monday, December 28th.

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