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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the DSM-5 criteria for delirium?

DSM-5 lists five criteria for delirium: A. There is a disturbance in attention and awareness. Because people who are delirious have problems with focus and sustaining attention, this means you might find yourself asking the same questions over and over.

What is criterion D in delirium?

The unanimous view of the Boards of the EDA and ADS is that Criterion D should include all states of altered arousal (except coma) in the spectrum of delirium on scientific, practical and clinical safety grounds.

How is delirium diagnosed?

A consistent feature of DSM versions prior to DSM-5 has been the requirement that alterations in the content (that is, attention) and/or level (that is, arousal) of consciousness are core to the diagnosis of delirium. Delirium can present as hypoactive or hyperactive states, and may fluctuate between the two.

What is the prognosis of delirium?

[2] [11] The overall prognosis for patients with delirium is guarded. Long-term cognitive impairment: Accumulating evidence shows that delirium is not only a transient, reversible acute confusion but also can give rise to persistent long-term cognitive impairment.

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