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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the background check laws in Minnesota?

Minnesota Background Checks: What you need to know. State law prohibits employers from obtaining “consumer reports” and “investigative consumer reports” for employment purposes unless it is clearly and accurately disclosed that a consumer report may be obtained or caused to be prepared ( MN Stat. Sec. 13C.001et seq. ).

Do arrests show up on a background check?

Arrests will show up on a background check will the case is pending in court. If the case is dismissed the records seal and should not show up. If there is a criminal conviction the arrest and conviction will show up.

How to get arrest record?

There are usually three ways to look up arrest records: in person at a courthouse or county building, by request, and online. Viewing arrest records in person often costs money, as county clerks charge administration fees. Through the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI can provide specific records for a fee.

How to search criminal records for free?

Where can you find free criminal records? Yes and no. You can find free public criminal records of people by gaining access to public record information at the county clerk of courts office but they may charge you administrative fees, fees for copies etc.

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