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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Smartsheet data to excel?

How to get it: Install and configure the Smartsheet Live Data Connector by following the detailed instructions here. Link your Smartsheet data with Excel by using the Live Data Connector. Only Business and Enterprise customers will have access to the Smartsheet Live Data Connector, which will be automatically included in their subscription.

What can you do with a Smartsheet?

Visualize Smartsheet data in charts, graphs, and dashboards. Gain live access to Smartsheet data so you can analyze it in Excel. Deliver powerful analysis, visibility, and insight by integrating Smartsheet data into Excel. Create striking data visualizations to highlight key factors.

How do you create a chart in Excel with data?

Create and Format Charts In your Dashboard sheet, click Insert and select the kind of chart you’d like to make. For this first example, we’ll create a column chart. Right-click on the chart and click Select Data. Click Add in Legend Entries (Series). In the Series name field, click the title of the column you want to add on the Raw Data sheet.

How do I create a dashboard in Excel 2016?

Set Up Your Excel Dashboard File Once you have added your data, you need to structure your workbook. Open a new Excel Workbook and create two to three sheets (two to three tabs). You could have one sheet for your dashboard and one sheet for the raw data (so you can hide the raw data).

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